Member Benefits

  • Networking: Meet new paralegals, form friendships and relationships with professionals in the paralegal field in your legal community.
  • Information on Paralegal Regulation: With Wisconsin being on the cutting edge of licensure, get the most up-to-date information, quickly and accurately.
  • Advance Notice of Available Jobs: Find out about new jobs even before they even hit the newspapers.
  • Mentor Program: Participate in our Mentor Program - receive expert guidance whether you are new to a field of practice, in a new geographical area, or new to the profession. Veteran paralegals can be Mentors and gain satisfaction by helping paralegals become more valuable.
  • Up-to-Date News: Stay informed and up-to-date about our profession on our Web site and in the "Members Only" section about what's happening in our state and across our country.
  • CLE Opportunities: Gain valuable information from informative guest speakers at monthly Chapter meetings in your area and at the Annual Seminar.
  • Make a Difference!: Take the opportunity to make a difference in your profession by serving on the Board of Directors of the Association - Get involved in your community by participating in local Chapter-involved events.

Classes of Membership

A paralegal is defined as a professional, qualified through education, training or work experience to perform substantive legal work that requires knowledge of legal concepts and is customarily, but not exclusively, performed by a lawyer. This person may be retained or employed by a lawyer, law office, governmental agency or other entity, or may be authorized by administrative, statutory or court authority to perform this work. (Pursuant to Article II. Members. Section C. Qualification, Rights and Privileges. of the By-laws of The Paralegal Association of Wisconsin, Inc)

Further, the classes of membership are as follows: (pursuant to Article II. Sections C.1., C.2., C.3., and C.4),

1. Active Voting Member 2. Associate Member 3. Student Member

Active Voting Membership

An Active Voting Member must be either employed or reside in the State of Wisconsin and work as a paralegal (as that term is defined in this section) and have acquired five qualifying continuing legal education credits (as determined by the Board from time to time), which must be accumulated during the Corporation's fiscal year immediately preceding the fiscal year for which the paralegal is applying for or renewing active voting member status. An Active Voting Member may hold office and be a committee coordinator. Any applicant who meets the requirements determined by the Board from time to time for membership as an Active Voting member shall be precluded from applying for membership in any other classification. (Article II. Members. Section C.1.)

The following Guidelines will be used by the Membership Committee in determining whether an individual is qualified for Active Voting Membership:

  • A. The individual's job title must be paralegal, legal assistant, or such job description that, in the sole discretion of the Membership Committee, denotes that the applicant is performing paralegal duties;
  • B. An applicant must be performing paralegal duties at least eighty percent (80%) of his/her time;
  • C. The professional responsibilities of the applicant to include the nature of administrative work assigned by the employer (i.e., recruiting, marketing plan administrators, billing, law librarian, office administration, paralegal supervision, or other work related to a specialty area);
  • D. The educational background, training and work experience of the applicant; and
  • E. The applicant's training or experience in a specialty area.

Any applicant who meets the requirements for membership in this classification shall be precluded from applying for membership in any other class. In the event that an Active Voting Member's work status changes so that he/she no longer meets the criteria of an Active Voting member as determined by the Membership Committee, he/she must immediately notify the Membership Committee of such change of status. However, he/she may retain the status of an Active Voting Member for the balance of the Association's fiscal year.

Associate Membership

An Associate Member is any individual who is interested in furthering his/her knowledge and awareness of, or interest in the preservation, support or advancement of the paralegal profession, but who is not otherwise eligible for membership as an Active Voting Member or Student Member. An Associate Member shall not be entitled to vote or hold office or be a committee coordinator. (Article II. Members. Section C.2.)

Associate Membership may include:
An instructor in the field of paralegal training or anyone connected in an official capacity with a school or college conducting a course for paralegal training; A former Active Voting Member no longer employed in the field; Paralegals employed in states other than Wisconsin who do not reside in Wisconsin; and Other individuals as may be approved by the Membership Committee, including but not limited to lawyers, legal secretaries, legal administrators and law librarians

Student Membership

Any individual, upon certification by an instructor as being currently enrolled in a paralegal training program, may apply for membership as a Student Member. A Student Member shall be eligible to renew membership under this classification for one (1) additional year following completion of the student's course of study provided such member is not employed as a paralegal and, consequently, eligible for Active Voting or Associate Membership. An individual who is a graduate of a paralegal training program, but who is not currently an active Voting Member, Associate Member, or Student Member, may apply for membership as a Student Member if such student graduated from a paralegal training program within one (1) year from the date of application for membership. Student Members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office or be a committee coordinator. (Article II. Members. Section C.3)

Note: The Paralegal Association of Wisconsin, Inc. prohibits membership to anyone who is currently incarcerated, or has a felony conviction involving crimes of moral turpitude, or is a disbarred attorney.


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Annual Dues

Active Voting Member $105.00 Full year
Associate Member $85.00
Student Member $50.00

Return application and/or direct any questions to:

Paralegal Association of Wisconsin
PO Box 510892
Milwaukee, WI 53203-0151

Please submit a check or money order for dues payable to The Paralegal Association of Wisconsin, Inc., along with your application.