UPDATE: SBW Voluntary Certified Paralegal Program

The State Bar of Wisconsin Voluntary Paralegal Certification program became live on April 8, 2018!  Applications are now being accepted for Paralegal Certification. The State Bar of Wisconsin Paralegal Certification program is a self-funded, voluntary credentialing program of the State Bar of Wisconsin.

The State Bar Board of Governors established the program to identify training and ethical standards for paralegals working in Wisconsin and to recognize the professional commitment of paralegals who choose to become a State Bar of Wisconsin Certified ParalegalTM (SBWCP).

The program provides a benchmark for paralegal standards for lawyers who do or plan to work with paralegals. And it promotes access to legal services and the justice system by utilizing the services of qualified paralegals.

The SBWCP program creates a standard for the quality of paralegal services. In addition, the program will make the hiring process easier, since a SBWCP’s credentials are already verified and approved by the State Bar of Wisconsin.

For more information, visit the SBWCP website on There, you’ll find: