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  • To assume responsibility for leadership and enlightenment of the bench, bar and public regarding the competency, importance and value of paralegals.
  • To promote a broader understanding and acceptance of paralegals as indispensable to the delivery of legal services.
  • To stimulate and encourage the establishment and maintenance of training, educational facilities and programs for persons interested in the profession.
  • To conduct educational seminars, provide a forum for the discussion of subjects pertaining to the profession, and publish information relating thereto.
  • To further the exchange of professional knowledge and to disseminate information with respect to the profession; and to advance the interests and general welfare of the profession.


Paralegal Regulation

In a joint effort with members of the State Bar of Wisconsin, paralegals representing the government and private sectors, paralegal educators and government liaisons, the Paralegal Association of Wisconsin, Inc., have worked diligently to develop a regulatory plan for mandatory licensing of persons in Wisconsin who are employed as paralegals.

The provisions of the regulatory licensing proposal were completed and approved by the Wisconsin State Bar Board of Governors in June 2000. Members of the Task Force continued to refine the proposal and met with additional entities who would be involved in the regulatory process. The petition was filed with the Wisconsin Supreme Court and a hearing was held on October 27, 2004. The Court did not address the petition following the completion of the hearing, due to the amount of materials that were submitted for review, and the number of speakers that presented oral testimony to the Court.

On April 7, 2008 the Wisconsin Supreme Court denied the petition on a unanimous voice vote, following their administrative conference on petition 04-03, the petition to regulate and license paralegals in Wisconsin. The Court felt that they lacked jurisdiction to enforce a mandatory regulation policy for paralegals and in addition lacked the financial resources to fund an oversight council. The Court did, however, suggest that consideration be given to regulation in some other format, and that the State Bar and paralegals should work together on this.

Beginning in 2009, the paralegal regulation proposal was submitted to the Legislative Reference Bureau for re-drafting as a legislative bill. The process of legislative oversight, along with State Bar oversight involvement, has been ongoing since that time, which has included meetings with state legislators and with representative members of the Wisconsin State Bar.

Detailed background information of the regulation proposal may be found by going to the Wisconsin State Bar website, at www.wisbar.org and typing in "Paralegal Task Force" in the search box.

For more information, comments, or questions, please contact our Task Force members:

John Goudie [email protected]
Marie Koster [email protected]

SBW Voluntary Paralegal Certification

The State Bar Voluntary Paralegal Certification went live on March 8, 2018.  For information about qualifications and application forms, please click on the following link: 

For more information, comments or questions, please contact:  John Goudie at [email protected]